Monday, August 28, 2017

Know When Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

An oil change is one of those things that pretty much every car owner knows is needed yet not every car owner knows a lot about it and how important it truly is. You cannot just get an oil change whenever you feel like it. In fact, many manufacturers recommend a vehicle service and oil change every 5,000 – 7,000 miles. For the average driver, this equates to about every six months.

This general rule of thumb is a great default, however, your Toyota vehicles has its own individual needs depending on the motor, age, usage, type of oil, conditions its driven in. All of these factor play a part in increasing or decreasing the frequency at which your vehicle needs its oil changed. But, there is a little bit more that drivers should know about oil changes. Here we will touch on a few of factors that will help you determine when an oil change is required.

City vs Highway Driving

Similar to brakes, tires, and gas mileage, a vehicles frequency for oil changes can greatly depended on the amount of highway driving versus city driving. As with those other vehicle maintenance and auto repair Rocky Mount NC requirements, oil tends to last longer when there is more highway driving than city driving.

Daily commuters should check their vehicle’s oil more often than not. With the stop and go of traffic day in and day out whether it by on highway or in-town, your vehicle has to work a little harder. We suggest an oil change every 5,000 or sooner for heavy commuters.

Before the season changes and the temperature starts to change, bring your car, truck or SUV to Rocky Mount Toyota for a full service inspection. We will determine if your vehicle needs an oil change or any other maintenance and make sure to recommend the best solution.

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