Friday, September 15, 2017

Keep a Tidy Toyota with These Organization Tips

There’s nothing quite like the look and smell of a brand-new car, or one that has been very well maintained over the years. To help keep the interior of your Toyota like new, we recommend starting with proper organization. You may be thinking, “why organization and not a vacuum?” – We will explain.

Why clean up a mess when you can prevent it? When a vehicle is organized and stocked with the essentials mentioned in this article, it can easily be kept clean and tidy. We encourage you to read the list below and adapt the list to your lifestyle needs.

Keep it Together

Organization is all about gathering like items and making them easy to find when you need them. This is the same principal you would follow when organizing your vehicle. Here are a few of the most useful items a person can add to their Toyota trucks and cars to keep them organized.

Trash & Recycling

A trashed filled new car is never appealing. Trash containing crumbs and leftover bits are magnets for pest like insect, and can create fool odors. The easiest fix is to add a waste bin to your vehicle. Place it where it can be reach by both driver and passengers. If you are feeling green, consider a separate container for recyclables. A cereal box, or something similar can be slipped into the storage pocket behind the passenger seat for easy driver reach. Plus the box can be recycled along with its contents. You may be surprised by how much of the “trash” moving through your vehicle is actually recyclable.

Change, Change, Change

Get a change container for your car or truck. This can be a recyclable gum package or plastic ware devoted to collecting loose coins. Every penny counts and your collection may soon add up to some savings. Just make sure whatever you use can fit in a cup holder, which will make it convenient when you want to utilize that change to pay a toll or parking fare.

Misc. Items

There are somethings you just need in your car at all times, whether it be for sports, kids, work or school. To keep some of these odds and ends items organized in your used trucks or cars, consider a shoe holder like the ones you would hang on the back of a closet door.

Keeping it Clean

Some vehicle messes are unavoidable but, this does not mean all hope is lost for keeping your Toyota clean. As we mentioned before, prevention is a great first step. When a mess cannot be prevented it can at least be minimized and made easy to clean. This means being prepared with items that will make clean up simple while also preventing permanent damage.

Toyota Mats

There are only a few areas inside a car that can stain and one is the carpet. Muddy shoes, dust and split foods are all common contributors to car carpet stains and they can be impossible to remove entirely. This is why we recommend floor mats before driving away from the Toyota Dealership. Mats can be removed for dusting out and deep clean washes, plus they can be replaced much more easily than the actual interior carpet. If you driving around without floor mats, then you are taking quite the gamble on your vehicles sustainable value.

Seat Protection

Like your car’s carpet, the seats can be stained and eventually damage. The best solution for avoiding upholstery damage is to invest in seat covers. Toyota truck and car seats can be covered in a wide variety of materials, colors, patterns, and texture. This makes it a sure way to customize your vehicle with something practical. For the most protection, get waterproof covers.

As you can see, keeping a tidy Toyota vehicle is a fairly straight forward affair that does not require much but can make a big change in your vehicles appearance. Don’t forget that keeping your Toyota in good condition can help when it comes time to sell or trade it in.